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It is a daunting task for members of Strata Councils, which consist primarily of volunteers, to address and deal with complexities of Strata Corporation governance, administration and management. The legislation governing Strata Corporation’s includes the Strata Property Act, Regulations, the Statutory Standard Bylaws, additional bylaws adopted from time to time by the Strata Corporation, the Human Rights Code and other applicable law. The Strata Property Act alone contains literally hundreds of statutory provisions.

Cora Wilson and Elaine McCormack have written several articles on strata property issues which have been published in such industry journals as "Voice from the Strata-sphere" and the Condominium Home Owners' Association, "CHOA Journal".   
Articles in this section previously published in the "Voice from the Strata-sphere" and the "CHOA Journal" are reproduced by permission.   
All articles were written after the adoption of the Strata Property Act on July 1, 2000. These articles are designed to provide Strata Corporations with information and are not a substitute for legal advice. Wilson McCormack Law Group, C.D. Wilson Law Corporation and McCormack & Company Law Corporation, do not take any legal responsibility for the content of the articles.  Anyone who wishes to obtain legal advice must first retain and instruct Wilson McCormack Law Group, C.D. Wilson Law Corporation or McCormack & Company Law Corporation, for that purpose.

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